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3D Printing

CNC Plasma cutting allows us to fabricate digital dreams into polished metal

3D Printing

Are you looking for a 3D print service?

3D Printing

How does a 3D print service in Austin work?There is a lot of 3D printing activity in Austin. Two leading 3D printer manufacturers (Stratasys and EOS) have a company branch right here in Austin. Besides these major players in the industry, you can also find other 3D print services and a great 3D printing facility for students of the University of Texas.Is there an idea or 3D model that you need to have printed? Do you need help with picking the right printing technology and material for your model? The 3D printing services in Austin are happy to assist you with all your 3D printing needs.

3D Printing

How much does 3D printing in Austin cost?You can already get something printed for only $5 per print hour. You can choose from a large selection of FDM 3D printers, SLA 3D printers and even Metal 3D printers. Need help with creating a custom 3D model of your item? We can provide support. Based on a physical or digital model, we can create a digital 3D file for $40 dollars an hour. The average lead time of 3D printing services in Austin is 2 to 7 days.

3D Printing Materials

All the 3D printing services in Austin combined can print practically every material available for 3D printers today. Plastics (ABS, Acrylic plastic, Elasto plastic, etc) metals (titanium, copper, bronze, gold, silver, etc) and even full color sandstone. To decide which material is right for the job, many factors are important. Think of the complexity of your model, the desired lead time, strength, purpose of the object.Do you have a question about a specific 3D material, a 3D printing service, or 3D printers in Austin? Or do you have questions about your 3D model? Contact us via our contact form.

Metal Sculptures

Custom Metal Sculptures


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